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  • EvolveD™ Disposable Column Brochure

    EvolveD™ Disposable Column Brochure

    A pre-packed, ready to use bioprocess column format. Designed for use with PBL and most other manufacturers adsorbents.

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  • Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library Brochure

    Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library Brochure

    A 96-micro column block containing a diverse array of stable synthetic ligands arranged into 6 different zones which can be screened in chromatographic mode against a wide range of starting feedstocks

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  • Custom Services DSP brochure

    Custom Services DSP brochure

    Prometic Bioseparations Ltd (PBL) offers a range of custom services to either identify/optimise a suitable existing PBL adsorbent, custom design a bespoke chromatography adsorbent specifically for you

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  • Prometic Bioseparations - Overview Brochure

    Prometic Bioseparations - Overview Brochure

    PBL offers an extensive range of off-the-shelf bioseparation products, for the recovery and purification of biologicals and removal of problem contaminants

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  • Insulin Adsorbent - Brochure

    Insulin Adsorbent - Brochure

    Insulin adsorbent is an affinity based adsorbent suitable for the aqueous purification of Insulin and Insulin analogues.

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  • AlbuPure®


    High performance affinity capture adsorbent designed for albumin fusion protein purification, providing a cost effective purification platform technology.

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  • IEX Adsorbent Brochure

    IEX Adsorbent Brochure

    A range of ion exchange adsorbents using PuraBead agarose base matrix which provides a near Mono-dispersed bead giving excellent flow properties and ease of use.

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  • Mimetic Blue Brochure

    Mimetic Blue Brochure

    A high performance affinity capture adsorbent for the purification of Albumin and albumin related proteins.

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  • p-Aminobenzamidine Brochure

    p-Aminobenzamidine Brochure

    p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL is an affinity adsorbent for purification of serine proteases & esterases such as trypsin, thrombin, kallikrein, urokinase, acetyl cholinesterase & alkaline phosphatase.

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  • IsoClear Brochure

    IsoClear Brochure

    An affinity adsorbent for the efficient removal of Isoagglutinins from Plasma and IVIG solutions.

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  • Evolve™ Bio-process Column Refresh Kits

    Evolve™ Bio-process Column Refresh Kits

    The refresh kits replace all wetted components of the Evolve™ bioprocess columns, eliminating the risk of product carry-over and more.

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  • Evolve™ Bio-process Column brochure

    Evolve™ Bio-process Column brochure

    Contains technical and operational information on the Evolve™ range containing 70 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm and 350 mm column diameter columns.

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  • EtoxiClear™ Adsorbent Brochure

    EtoxiClear™ Adsorbent Brochure

    A high performance affinity based adsorbent designed for the removal of Endoxtoxins from protein solutions and buffers.

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