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  • An introduction to Prometic Bioseparations Ltd3:47

    An introduction to Prometic Bioseparations Ltd

    A short introduction to the products and services of Prometic Bioseparations, a leading supplier of bespoke affinity adsorbents.

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  • Scaling up Production capacity3:23

    Scaling up Production capacity

    Learn how Prometic Bioseparations have increased the scale of Affinity Chromatography adsorbent manufacture to 1,000L batch size and greater then 35,000L per annum.

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  • Prometic Bioseparations7:22

    Prometic Bioseparations

    A video looking at Prometic Bioseparations.

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  • Evolve Process Columns4:27

    Evolve Process Columns

    A video showing the packing of an Evolve process column.

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  • Evolve Column: Refresh Kit Demonstration4:57

    Evolve Column: Refresh Kit Demonstration

    All the wetted components of an Evolve process column can be easily exchanged using a novel Refresh kit. This video shows how it's done.

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  • State of the art screening method for affinity chromatography resins9:03

    State of the art screening method for affinity chromatography resins

    A review of current high throughput screening tools for protein purification.

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  • Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library5:23

    Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library

    A rapid screening tool designed for identifying the optimal mixed-mode ligand for protein purification or contaminant removal.

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  • AlbuPure® Presentation7:05

    AlbuPure® Presentation

    A custom designed adsorbent for the purification of Albumin fusion proteins, developed in partnership with Albumedix.

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  • Multi-mode Mimetic Ligand Library3:23

    Multi-mode Mimetic Ligand Library

    A new rapid affinity ligand screening kit from Prometic Bioseparations. Allows you to quickly identify suitable affinity (multi-mode) ligands which bind your protein of interest (or target contaminant

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