An introduction to Prometic Bioseparations Ltd

September 7, 2017

Prometic Bioseparations Limited was originally founded 29 years ago as a spin out company from Cambridge University, at that time the company was known as Affinity Chromatography Limited and its mission was to commercialise affinity ligand technology developed at the Institute of Biotechnology.

Today, Prometic Bioseparations Limited, or PBL for short, is the Bioseparations division of parent company Prometic Life Sciences, this is a public Canadian biopharmaceuticals company. Prometic’s purification technology has developed significantly since the company’s inception and is now used extensively, particularly for Prometic’s own Plasma Protein Purification Programmes with Plasminogen and IVIG currently in phase III clinical trials.

The adsorbents we use can be produced in a variety of formats, from benchtop development using our Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ plates for ligand discovery, to producing adsorbent batches up to 1000L passing through smaller packed columns.

Our purification products are also used in a wide variety of external customer applications, particularly the purification of recombinant and plasma derived pharmaceuticals and certain biomedical applications. Currently 18 bioseparation products developed and produced by PBL are used for the manufacture of FDA or EMAA approved products and processes.

Prometic has a diverse client base, from start up biotech companies through to large pharma, but our customers all have one thing in common, an unmet need in terms of purification processes. So what can Prometic offer our clients? Our adsorbents offer the opportunity for our clients to increase the yields and purity of their products. The stability of Prometic adsorbents allows for an increased number of cycles and therefore an increase in process economics. A single Prometic adsorbent could replace a number of traditional chromatography steps and crucially reduce the cost of these processes.

PBL has its research and development laboratories located in Cambridge, UK. This state of the art laboratory is home to the company’s Mimetic Ligand™ technology and the development of over 100 different purification products.

Our research and development capabilities include, advanced analytical techniques with state of the art instrumentation, a group of individuals with long experience in Assay development, ligand discovery, Chemistry and Downstream Process, as well as a solid team working on Product Support. Prometic Bioseparations also has a Technology Transfer team which makes the bridge between the processes developed in R&D and production. The TT team works on process and Assay validation and facilitates the flow of knowledge and information between teams with different mandates. In terms of production, Prometic Bioseparations comes with the facility in the Isle of Man, capable of producing adsorbents at up to batch sizes of 1000L under GMP standard manufacture. We have a flexible multi-product facility with a range of vessel sizes and clean room production areas.

So in summary, what ever the customer’s purification needs are, Prometic Bioseparations can help.

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