Evolve Column: Refresh Kit Demonstration

September 7, 2017

How to fit a Refresh kit

Welcome to the next step in Protein purification the Evolve. The Evolve process columns are available in six diameters from 7 to 35 cm. Process design features include process readiness, high-performance, cost-effective and the columns are designed with a non-metallic flow path requiring minimal maintenance and is easy to use. Prometic also offer a wide variety of accessories to compliment your column range including support brackets, bubble traps, connectors, 4-port 2-way valves, as well as the Evolve refresh kit. The refresh kit is an alternative, cost-effective way to renew or refresh the wetted flow path without having to replace the whole column itself. So how do you fit a refresh kit? Let's take you back to the beginning.

Start by attaching the pipe spool clamp to the bottom flow cell. Next insert a flow tube seal into the bottom flow tube and firmly attach this to the flow cell. Take one of the 3/4-inch flow tube seals and place into the bottom flow tube. Sit the short end of the pipe spool elbow on to the flow tube and lay the long end in the groove of the pipe spool clamp. Next, using the existing screws, attach the end of a pipe spool clamp using the allen key tool provided with the column. Firmly affix the short end of the pipe spool elbow using a sanitary clamp.  Re-attach the elbow support, turn the bottom flow cell over and insert one of the anti-jets. Take the bottom net support assembly and firmly fix on to the flow cell ensuring that the smooth end is facing up. The bottom adaptor is now fully assembled.

Ensure the scale label and top and bottom buffer seals are attached to the acrylic tube. Place the tube into the bottom column flange. Next place the top column flange onto the top of the tube aligning the fixing bolt holes with the tube support rods. Insert the washers and flange fixing bolts, tighten using the allen key tool. Insert the guiding pins for the top adaptor, turn the column over and insert the assembled bottom adaptor into the bottom column flange again aligning the holes for the bottom cell fixings. Insert the bottom cell fixings and tighten using the torque wrench. Please check that the wrench pressure setting is correct for your column.

The top adaptor is assembled by carefully inserting a flow tube seal into the adjuster flow cell, then firmly attach to the flow tube. Slide the flow tube into the metal seal adjust tube then align and affix using the flow cell locking clip. Attach the anti-jet onto the adjuster flow cell, fix the adjuster seal on to the flow cell then slide the assembled flow tube into the threaded central height adjust rod. Stand the adaptor up and slide the spacer over the assembled flow tube. Next screw on the seal actuation nut. This will now hold the top adaptor together. Insert the last flow tube seal into the sanitary clamp adaptor. Carefully place and firmly fix the adaptor on to the flow tube. Finally attach the adjuster support assembly, ensuring the smooth side is facing out. The top adaptor is now assembled and can be placed into the column. Affix the top adaptor using the fixing bolts.

Your column is completely assembled and ready to use.

For more information on the refresh kit or any of our other products please contact us using the information provided.

Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you for your purification needs

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