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September 7, 2017

Who Are Prometic Bioseparations?

Prometic is a biopharmaceutical corporation with globally recognised expertise in bioseparation. With research and development laboratories located in Cambridge UK, and manufacturing facilities on the Isle of Man.

Steve Burton, Chief Executive Officer of Prometic Bioseparations

I am Steve Burton, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Prometic Bioseparations Limited. So Prometic Bioseparations if the UK and Isle of Man subsidiary of our parent company Prometic Life Sciences, which is based in Montreal. So the corporation is focused in three main areas, small molecule therapeutics, plasma protein therapeutics and bioseparations. Here in the UK our main focus is in the area of bioseparations.

Materials used to manufacture pharmaceutical products, must themselves be produced to a very high quality standards to ensure consistent performances and prevent unintentional leakage of components to the pharmaceutical products. For these reasons, Prometic’s products are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities which incorporate cleanroom production areas, a quality system, and working practices based upon pharmaceutical GMP.

We’ve been investing quite substantially in our manufacturing quality and capacity for several years now, this is very important because our products are used to purify pharmaceutical products. So they’re not drugs themselves but they are used in GMP manufacturing processes to manufacture drugs, so obviously the quality of our products is extremely important. So the investments we’ve made are both in terms of ensuring the high quality of the products that we manufacture, the performance of the products that we manufacture. I’m making sure that we fully understand these materials that we product and supply, and that we are not exposing our clients to any unknown compounds or components that may be present in the product so we have to do extensive analysis and testing of these materials to ensure that they are fit for use in these applications.

In order to ensure consistent performance, Prometic’s products are extensively characterised in every step of the manufacturing process is monitored and controlled. This is achieved by extensive use of a wide array of analytical technologies, in particular, spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques.

Ben Beacom, Screening and Automation Specialist

Ben Beacom specialises in screening and automation and is responsible for investigating applications of Prometic’s chromatography adsorbents in a high-throughput screening format.

Well, what we do is we manufacture a huge range of chromatography adsorbents and they get put into our PuraPlate™ which is a 96-well high-throughput chromatography device and that allows us to screen and test these adsorbents and we then perform a normal chromatography process on those and then we test their samples, which will be the non-bound and the elution and sometimes the clean in place fractions, with a range of analytical techniques.

The team at Prometic have many years experience and are passionate about what the company does, and what this means ultimately for the customers.

Well, I’ve worked for this company now for, oh, since 2004. I’ve got a real drive, not only just to supply the materials to customers enabling them to be able to purify their target materials but what I find is also now becoming really exciting with Prometic is that we’re starting to branch into our own biotherapeutics.

Prometic implement a plan of continuous investment to ensure they can comfortably address future customer requirements. This commitment is evidenced by their major capacity expansion at the Isle of Man facility.

Chris Brown, Production Manager at Prometic Bioseparations

I’m Chris Brown, I’m the production manager here at Prometic’s Isle of Man manufacturing site. I’m responsible for manufacturing of Prometic’s bioseparation products. So this is our large scale facility, we’re got two reactors here with a capacity of two and a half thousand litres each, both of these reactors can produce bioseparation products up to a thousand litres at a time. That gives us a total capacity for the whole site of around thirty thousand litres.

Customers confidence is underpinned by Prometics successful growth to date as they’re careful to provide solutions that are thoroughly tested and being put through rigorous manufacturing processes.

The quality of the products is very important that performance and making sure that they are what we claim them to be and they’re not releasing anything into the product stream during their use. So, to do that we use extensive analytical techniques to characterise the materials. Most of our products are based upon affinity ligands, many of these we manufacture ourselves, so we use extensive chemistry to produce these materials, so we use a lot of chemical analytical techniques to characterise these materials and ensure their quality.

Given Prometic’s reliance on analytical methods it is important that the instruments used to do this are sensitive, accurate and reliable with long operational lifetimes.

We partner with leading instrument companies. What’s very important for us is that we have reliability of instruments, we have good service support for instruments and the equipment that we use is accurate and has the reliability that we require. So, of the companies that we use Shimadzu is certainly a very key company that we purchase equipment from, we finally have very good service and very good performance from those instruments.

With the blend of high quality facilities supported fully by an infrastructure capable of addressing future growth and built on a platform of sound proven expertise, Prometic are excited about the future and are justifiably aiming high.

We’ve invested significantly in our manufacturing capacity. Our objective is to becoming the world’s leading supplier of affinity purification products to the biopharma industry and we’re fully committed to that objective.

To explore further how Prometic Bioseparations can support you with your requirements, please contact: 01223 420 300 or email:


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